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  • Jan 2024 Hearing

    Hearing Loss and Its Effect on Marriages

    Hearing loss can put a strain on even the most stable relationships.
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  • Dec 2023 Hearing at Holidays

    The holidays are “hear”: How to make the holidays hearing-loss friendly.

    In this blog, you’ll learn some tips on how to help create a hearing-loss friendly environment...

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  • Nov 2023 DS 2

    Rocking an Extra Chromosome: Down Syndrome Explained

    Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in extra genetic material from chromosome 21
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  • Oct 2023 PT Month

    October 2023 Physical Therapy Month

    At WTRC, we take our commitment to providing excellent care to our patients very seriously.
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  • Sept 2023 What to expect

    What to Expect at your Child’s First Pediatric Therapy Evaluation

    Your child’s pediatrician just sent a referral for a therapy evaluation.
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