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We provide quality care regardless of the patient's financial status, distinguishing us from other providers.

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There are so many different ways you can give and how you would like to give can be completely tailored to fit your particular wishes.

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On a daily basis, our staff works together as an integrated team to provide a wide array of services.


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Family Support Services

Parenting a child with special health care needs is never easy, but the WTRC Family Support Services program can help guide parents through the maze of issues they face.

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Pediatric Physical Therapy

Many of the Rehab's pediatric therapists have certifications in specialty areas such as neuro-developmental treatment, sensory integration, praxis testing, and kinesiotaping.

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Our technicians are available to answer any questions about equipment and machines and to make your work out experience comfortable and safe. No contract is required and you pay as you go.

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  • Wide Range of Services

    No other providers offer the full complement of outpatient rehabilitation treatment services available at West Texas Rehabilitation Center. Similar do not have the state or national certifications awarded to Rehab for its program excellence.

  • Why Give to West Texas Rehab?

    West Texas Rehab has the resources to treat almost 1,000 different diagnoses and serves over 680 patients each working day. Not one patient in all those years has been turned away because of an inability to pay.

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    West Texas Rehabilitation offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in any of the health care areas that we have to offer at our facility.

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Legacy of Love Memorial Wall

Have you been to one of our locations, and wondered about the Legacy of Love Wall? We are so grateful for the community of friends of the Rehab who have helped us over the years. This Wall is a way we have been honoring the memory of our giving and supportive community since its installation in 1994.


Happy National Peanut Butter Day!!

To celebrate and express our love for this amazing condiment, we're going to appreciate some health benefits and quick recipes! We all know that peanuts contain heart healthy fats, also known as monounsaturated fatty acids. But what else do these not-actually-nuts contain that help us out?