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Pacesetters is a dynamic program designed for individuals who want to participate in a fitness program within a rehabilitation environment. This program is a unique way to continue exercising regularly after the conclusion of formal therapy services. Our facility is also available for those who want to improve their health without having been through therapy. With Pacesetters, you have access to our pool, therapy gym, and a variety of fitness classes. If you need assistance with working out, we also can set up times for you to work with a trainer.


Why Choose Us?

Our technicians are available to answer any questions about equipment and machines and to make your work out experience comfortable and safe. We have several levels to choose from starting at $24.00 a month. No contract is required and you pay as you go.

How can we help?

LEVEL 1 – Gym or Pool Only

This program is designed for individuals who are completely independent with work out equipment. The individual demonstrates the ability to properly use all gym equipment without the assistance of a certified fitness professional.

LEVEL 2 – Group Fitness

This program is designed for individuals who need or desire supervision and assistance with work out equipment. This is a group setting which will meet 2-3x a week. The program is designed by a therapist, but will be overseen by a certified fitness professional. Group size is typically 4-6 clients.

LEVEL 3 – Elite Fitness Training

This program is designed for individuals who require, or prefer one on one supervision by a certified fitness professional when exercising. These individuals may need minimal assistance getting on/off equipment or may require assistance with various forms of exercise.

Services Offered

  • Improve Body Image
  • Core, Endurance, and Strengthening
  • Build Self Confidence
  • Stimulate a positive attitude towards physical activity

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