October is Physical Therapy Month - West Texas Rehab

October is Physical Therapy Month

physical therapy month

October is physical therapy month and at WTRC, we take our commitment to providing excellent care to our patients very seriously. We also are very proud of the fact that each therapist will see one patient at a time instead of dividing our attention between multiple patients at once. We believe that our patient’s recovery is key and we have better outcomes due to being able to spend quality time with each one of our patients. Our patients will be seen and treated 1 on 1 by a licensed, certified therapist every visit, for the entirety of the visit! – Abilene Adult Physical Therapy Department

SPINAL MANIPULATION: Spinal manipulation is a very effective treatment for lower back pain, we have several physical therapists who are trained in manipulation therapy!

CUPPING: WTRC has many instruments & techniques to offer for treatment of soft tissue disorders. Our therapists are trained in Myofascial DecompressionTM. Myofascial DecompressionTM is a technique that lifts the layers of tissue as opposed to other techniques that compress tissue. Our therapists utilize this technique along with stretching and exercise to optimize function and mobility.

TMJ/TMD: Temporomandibular joint disorder is a common condition that limits the function of the jaw. It currently affects more than 10 million people in the United States consisting of difficulty with chewing and limited jaw opening. TMJ disorders range from poor posture, clenching, lock jaw, stress, and malalignment in the teeth. Our physical therapists are trained to treat your TMJ disorders to allow you to talk, eat, brush your teeth, etc…without further limitation!

TRX: Our therapists are trained in TRXⓇ suspension training. This device is safe and effective in treating many musculoskeletal injuries or disabilities for all ages. Suspension training allows us to deload the body without heavy resistance training and use body weight training to isolate specific muscle groups to prevent compensatory movement patterns. 

CONCUSSIONS: Concussions can result in dizziness, nausea, imbalance, light sensitivity, and vision disturbances, among other complications. If you’ve had a concussion from a fall or injury, come see one of our certified vestibular therapists to reduce your symptoms and improve your quality of life. 

DYNAVISION: Do you want to improve your hand-eye coordination, reaction time, balance, or cognitive performance? Come see the professionals at West Texas Rehab Center for training using the state of the art device, Dynavision. This tool will challenge you in more ways than one to improve your visual and motor reaction time. 

VERTIGO: Have you ever experienced vertigo or inner ear problems? Consider physical therapy treatment with our certified vestibular therapists. You will have a very thorough evaluation with state of the art equipment to get to the root of your problems.

Is your world spinning? Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is a common cause of spinning dizziness that can be treated within a few short sessions (sometimes even 1 or 2 times!).

DIZZINESS: ISEN video goggles are specialized pieces of equipment used to provide more accurate results during vestibular assessments. Our vestibular certified therapists can help to determine the cause of your dizziness by using these goggles during your evaluation and treatments. 

DRIVER SCREENINGS: Returning to driving can be scary after an injury or change in health status. Our physical therapists can perform for a comprehensive driving evaluation to assess any cognitive or physical limitations related to operating a motor vehicle. We want you to feel confident when it comes to the safety of you and those around you on the road. 

ZERO G GAIT & BALANCE SYSTEM: Looking to improve your walking ability? Our state of the art Zero G can help by eliminating falls and reducing the load on your legs & spine while practicing safe walking to improve your independence!

BLOOD FLOW RESTRICTION: Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is a technique that increases strength without applying a heavy load to a joint or muscle. At WTRC, we can use BFR to help you regain your strength even before you can put all of your weight on your leg or while you have lifting restrictions. This helps you return to your old self even faster.

Recovering from an ACL tear? Let us use Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) to get that quad strength back even in the early stages of your recovery and reduce your risk of future injury!

NECK PAIN: Do you struggle with tension and pain in your neck and feel you have tried everything? Have you heard about dry needling? Come to WTRC for an evaluation by a licensed physical therapist and see if dry needling is appropriate for you.

DRY NEEDLING: WTRC has skilled physical therapists with a doctorate level degree and several are certified dry needling providers. This is just one of many skills they have to offer. Dry needling involves a technique in which a small needle is inserted into the skin and targets trigger points in a muscle that are determined to be problematic by the physical therapist. This technique allows the muscle to relax and improves circulation to the tissue promoting healing of the tissue itself & decreasing pain.