Pacesetters is a program designed for individuals who would like to participate in a fitness program in a rehab environment. This program is a unique way to continue exercise and fitness even after your therapy services.




Hours: Abilene: 7 a.m. - 6 p.m,  San Angelo: 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Call for Pricing Details.


LEVEL 1 - Gym or Pool Only

This program is designed for individuals who are completely independent with work out equipment. The individual demonstrates the ability to properly use all gym equipment without the assistance of a certified fitness professional.



LEVEL 2 - Group Fitness 

This program is designed for individuals who need or desire supervision and assistance with work out equipment. This is a group setting which will meet 2-3x a week. The program is designed by a therapist, but will be overseen by a certified fitness professional. Group size is typically 4-6 clients.



LEVEL 3 Elite Fitness Training

This program is designed for individuals who require, or prefer one on one supervision by a certified fitness professional when exercising. These individuals may need minimal assistance getting on/off equipment or may require assistance with various forms of exercise.



If you need clinical supervision while working out this may be the program for you. For more information contact:
Abilene (325) 793-3441 or San Angelo (325) 223-6479


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