Orthotics & Prosthetics

Welcome to the Orthotics and Prosthetics department here at West Texas Rehabilitation Center. We provide both Orthotics, which is the science of orthopedic bracing of the spine and upper and lower extremities and Prosthetics, which includes the making and fitting of artificial limbs for both the upper and lower extremities. We combine these two practices to meet the unique needs of every patient we see.

The Orthotic and Prosthetic departments in both Abilene and San Angelo are ABC accredited, which is the highest level of credentialing in the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics, meaning that we provide quality care at the highest level when it comes to orthotic and prosthetic services. Our orthotists and prosthetists undergo rigorous credentialing programs that enable them to provide knowledgeable skills and techniques.



Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication is important piece when dealing with O&P, and we take that to heart, which is why we have a state of the art custom fabrication department in house. Most of our bracing and prosthesis are made here at West Texas Rehab, unlike other facilities, we are able to make and fit our patients in house which improves the turnaround from beginning to end. All of our practitioners are involved from fabrication to the fitting. Fittings, alignments and gait adjustments are customized, not only to your specific functional needs, but are performed until you attain the highest level of satisfaction and comfort possible. The Rehab staff provides all of our patients with training and education in the use of the product to ensure that the patient receives maximum benefits.


The WTRC orthotists custom fabricates external support for the spine and for upper and lower extremities that are required in the treatment of a variety of illnesses and injuries.


The diagnoses we treat range from:
• Spina bifida
• Strokes
• Polio
• Scoliosis
• Foot, ankle and knee injuries
• Cranial Remolding Helmets for infants and children


Our prosthetists also custom fabricate artificial limbs for those who have undergone amputation of an arm or leg. The type of limb fabricated is responsive to the patient’s expected level of activity and can range from basic prostheses to more complicated microprocessor artificial limbs.


Meet Our Practitioners

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Contact us at 325-793-3480 (Abilene), and 325-223-6380 (San Angelo)


The Orthotics and Prosthetics Department in Abilene is located at 4545 Hartford, which is just east of the main entrance.