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Learn 10 things children can teach us about grief.

  1. We are healing from our grief at our own pace and it usually takes a long time. There is no rush. 
  2. Sometimes it hurts to remember, but we need to remember. 
  3. Talking about the death of someone we love may be hard, but we need to talk. 
  4. We know when our parents or grandparents are grieving. Sometimes we try to protect them by being strong, but it is hard to be strong when you are just a kid. 
  5. Sometimes we think we are the only ones who feel like we do and it is really scary to be alone. Being with other kids who have had someone special die lets us know we are not alone. 
  6. We wish some things could be different, and we feel helpless when we cannot make them different. 
  7. Some of us think we caused our loved one to die and that makes us feel really guilty so we try to be really good to make up for it. Others of us act really bad. 
  8. There are times we act like babies. We cry over little things and may even wet the bed. That really does embarrass us. 
  9. Sometimes we just have to be held, even if we are all grown up. You don’t even have to talk. Just love us. 
  10. Laughing and fun are important to us. They give us a break from being sad all the time.
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