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Retired Senior Volunteer Program

RSVP specializes in using the skills and experience of those who are nearing retirement, have recently retired, or have been long-time retirees and matching them with the critical needs of local non-profits and public agencies.

Why Choose Us?

RSVP staff is dedicated to making sure that needs of both the volunteer and the partnering agency are met. Subsequent to placement, RSVP staff stays involved on an on-going basis—being sure the placement remains appropriate, which is critical to the program’s success. Placements may be made for a variety of short term or long term positions.

RSVP in both Abilene and San Angelo have agreements with more than 100 volunteer stations so the message to the retired person looking for a challenge is:

Whether your passion is kids, education, animals, art, elders, music, theatre, or community issues such as violence prevention, literacy, public health, hunger or homelessness, there’s a public or private non-profit organization that can benefit from your unique qualities and talents, and help you go heart to heart with someone or something truly meaningful.

How can we help?

Through a personal visit (in person or by telephone), RSVP staff identifies such things as the volunteer’s areas of special interest, personal preferences, frequency of availability, physical limitations, personal requirements and transportation options, as well as special talents and unique skills.

Likewise, the staff meets with representatives of eligible “volunteer stations” (non-profit and public agencies) to identify their volunteer needs and get a clear description of tasks, skill requirements, hours of work and other information essential to the volunteer position.

Through these in-depth personal consultations, RSVP makes placements which provide meaningful experiences for the volunteer and valuable assistance to the partnering agency being helped.

For additional information click here to visit the West Texas RSVP website or contact our staff in San Angelo at 325-223-6388 or Abilene at 325-793-3520.