Officers and Directors


O&d Mm Steve Hr Side

Steve Martin

President & CEO


Officers - Scott Jameson

Scott Jameson

Chief Operating Officer


O&d Mm   Tim Childs

Tim Childs

Chief Financial Officer


O&d Mm   Jessi Bailey

Jessi Bailey

Vice President of Human Resources


Officers - Woody Gilliland

Woody Gilliland

Foundation President



O&d Sa Mm Chad Hirt

Chad Hirt

Foundation Vice President of Development


O&d Mm Chuck Web

Chuck Rodgers

Foundation Vice President of Development


O&d Mm Jason Hr Side

Jason Weaver

Foundation Vice President of Development


O&d Mm James Hr Side

James Hughes



O&d Mm   Diana Davis

Diana Davis

Director of Patient Accounting


O&d Mm Bubba Hr Side

Bubba Klostermann

Director of Adult Services Abilene


O&d Sa Mm Gina Karr

Gina Karr

Director of Adult Services San Angelo


O&d Mm Angie Hr Front

Angie Lane, RN

Director of Hospice Services


O&d Mm Connie Hr Side

Dr. Connie Stephens

Director of Audiology Abilene


O&d Sa Mm Adrianne Miller

Dr. Adrianne Miller

Director of Audiology San Angelo


O&d Mm Robb Hr Side

Robb Walker

Director of Orthotics and Prosthetics Abilene


D O Russ Miller

Russ Miller

Director of Orthotics and Prosthetics San Angelo


O&d Mm   Jobeth Willis

JoBeth Huber-Willis

Director of Pediatrics Abilene


O&d Sa Mm Lindsey Mcmillan

Lindsey McMillan

Director of Pediatrics San Angelo


O&d Mm Tammy Hr Side

Tammy O'Donald

Director of Employer Services Abilene


D O Josh Tanner

Josh Tanner

Director of Employer Services San Angelo


O&d Mm Kathi Hr Front

Kathi Masonheimer

Director of Marketing- Abilene


Karla Brown_Director

Karla Brown

Director of Donor Relations- Abilene


Officers Stacy Greaves

Stacy Greaves

Director of Donor Relations San Angelo


O&d Sa Mm Suzanne Click

Suzanne Click

Director of Marketing- San Angelo


Officer - Matthew Hinman

Matthew Hinman

Director of Communications


O&d Sa Mm Barby Nobles

Barby Nobles

Director of Family Support Services


Officer - Leonard Hernandez

Leonard Hernandez

Director of Housekeeping


Officers Jeremy Wilkinson

Jeremy Wilkinson

Director of Facilities


Officers Mike Reeder

Mike Reeder

Director of Information Technology


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Make a Memorial Donation

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We provide quality care regardless of the patient's financial status, distinguishing us from other providers.

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Quality Care for Everyone

We provide quality care regardless of the patient's financial status. Our donors allow us to take care of people the way they should be treated.

Family Support Services

Parenting a child with special health care needs is never easy, but the WTRC Family Support Services program can help guide parents through the maze of issues they face.

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Speech Therapy

Among diagnoses treated are cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, autism, torticollis, developmental delays, neuromuscular disorders, speech delays, feeding disorders and prematurity.

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Our technicians are available to answer any questions about equipment and machines and to make your work out experience comfortable and safe. No contract is required and you pay as you go.

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