Donor Impact


Pictured above is our new Pediatric Therapeutic Playground in San Angelo!  Featured in the picture are James and Lois Archer along with some very excited kiddos!  The playground was made possible by a generous gift from the James B. & Lois R. Archer Charitable Foundation.   The San Angelo Pediatric Department celebrated an open house for the new playground on June 20, 2013 at our San Angelo facility.  Great Things Happen Every Day at West Texas Rehabilitation Center that would not be possible without our amazing donors and friends of the Rehab!  Come by both our San Angelo and Abilene locations to check out our pediatric playgrounds!




What a difference you’re helping make at West Texas Rehabilitation Center! Your gifts will enable the Center to provide top-quality, outpatient care every day to more than 500 children and adults with physical and communicative disabilities in our Abilene, San Angelo and Ozona facilities.

The Board of Directors, staff and especially our patients thank you for being our partner and for helping making great things happen every day at West Texas Rehab Center.

We are proud to be the organization that earns your confidence and your contributions!


Great things are happening at West Texas Rehab Center facilities in Abilene, San Angelo and Ozona, thanks to you and other donors who include Rehab in your charitable giving.

Every year since 1953 we’ve sought ways to enhance our ability to provide top-quality, outpatient care to the 500 children and adults who enter our doors every day, regardless of their financial status.

Thank you for being our partner in making a difference in the lives of thousands working to overcome the disabling effects of illness, injury or birth trauma.

We take our mission of service to patients very seriously as well as our responsibility to be good stewards of your donations.