We’re Flipping Out for Pancakes!

Dear readers,

Tuesday, March 12 is National Pancake Day and we are so pumped to be enjoying some flapjacks!

If you think this pancake enthusiasm is misplaced on a dietitian’s blog post, think again! Pancakes, and carbohydrates and grains, have not had the best PR over the latest diet crazes, and even if you’re not low carb, the typical pancake that we think of has a gigantic pat of butter and a syrup waterfall dripping over a gigantic stack of refined flour, even more butter, and more sugar.

You would be right to think that the ingredients in a regular pancake may not be the most nutritious, and you would be right, but let’s switch our thinking for a moment. How can we have a similar, yet amazing, experience that also does our body and mind a favor at the same time? Think of the pancake form as a vehicle for nutrients, you can add protein, whole grains (which is code for healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins), and you can find recipes that fit most nutrition needs and restrictions. For even more nutrition, add some (unsweetened) fruit pieces on top of or in the pancake batter.

Pancakes, also called johnnycakes, journey cakes, buckwheat cakes, buckwheats, griddle cakes, and flapjacks have been around since the stone age… literally. This treat has been enjoyed for more than 30,000 years all across the globe. Ancient greek poets, Cratinus and Magnes wrote about pancakes in their poems, and Shakespeare even mentions them in some of his plays. Talk about pop-culture reference! The pancake has been made using a wide variety of ingredients and flavors, and enjoyed by individuals with an array of diet preferences. This is a food item that deserves a celebration!

Here are some recipes to prepare you to celebrate this awesome food:


High Protein

Low Carb

Vegan (With bonus chocolate hazelnut spread recipe!)

Extra Whole-Grainy

Don’t have time to make pancakes before work or school? How to save your weekend morning efforts to enjoy weekday mornings:


Emily Karibian RD, LD
WTRC Registered Dietitian