Happy National Peanut Butter Day!!

To celebrate and express our love for this amazing condiment, we're going to appreciate some health benefits and quick recipes! We all know that peanuts contain heart healthy fats, also known as monounsaturated fatty acids. But what else do these not-actually-nuts contain that help us out?

Biotin: You know what makes a hair, skin, & nails vitamin different than a regular multivitamin? This particular B-vitamin (or vitamin H, as some call it) plays a vital role in keeping your hair, skin, & nails healthy (obvi), but it's also really important in liver and heart function! Some studies have shown that it could potentially help manage blood sugars in diabetes, though more research is needed on this. Although it's definitely a needed nutrient, if you're already getting a sufficient amount through your diet or supplement then research shows there is not an added benefit on your hair, skin, or nails beyond your daily requirements.

Flavonoids: This is a substance that is found in high amounts in a lot of plant foods and has found to be protective against heart disease, some cancers, and strokes.

Polyphenols: These are a group of world-famous antioxidants that battle inflammation which also protects against heart disease and diabetes. These have also been shown to help with weight management in some studies.

The best way to get these nutrients is getting the least processed peanut butter as possible - some peanut butter has only one or two ingredients (peanuts, salt), while other brands have much more than that (added oils and sugars). The peanut butters with the least amount of ingredients that are also within your budget and taste preferences will be the best for you!

Of course, making it at home is super easy and probably one of the healthiest options you can do.

Now that you have your peanut butter, you can think of ways to cook with it!

Maybe something sweet?

Or maybe you prefer savory?

Or perhaps you just want a good ol' PB&J, in which case here's a bonus crazy-quick jam recipe:

Now go forth, and go nuts with this amazing legume!


Emily Karibian RD, LD
WTRC Registered Dietitian