Bereavement Services

Hospice of San Angelo hosts an extensive grief support program. Bereavement programs, individualized grief counseling and support groups are available to people of all ages. Hospice of San Angelo is able to provide community wide grief support regardless of affiliation with our organization. For more information on our grief support program, contact Karen Schmeltekopf at 325-658-6524. Visit our other pages to learn more about our grief support groups, and Building Bridges for children's grief support.

Hospice of San Angelo also hosts several grief support events throughout the year for the families of our patients and to the community at large.

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Annual Events

  • The Health Foundation of America Annual Teleconference "Living With Grief" is an event which varies in topic from year to year with regard to specific end of life issues.
  • Artistry of Life is a memorial celebration in which each participant creates a memory object to take home. This is a beautiful evening spent creating through music, art and spoken word.
  • Help for the Holidays is a Saturday morning seminar offered to help grieving individuals face the holidays. This seminar will provide alternatives to embracing the holidays and offer hope and encouragement as well.
  • Light Up A Life is our annual Christmas tree lighting event. A light on the Christmas tree may be purchased in honor or in memory of a loved one. Attendees are invited to share in this festive celebration with music, fellowship and support from the Hospice of San Angelo team.
  • The Candlelight Memorial is held each year at Emmanuel Episcopal Church. This memorial offers a special way to honor your loved ones during the holidays by lighting a candle in their memory. 
  • Bereavement services provided to the community of San Angelo are made possible through donations and grants. Your support is greatly appreciated!


Hospice of San Angelo • 1933 University Ave., San Angelo, TX, 76904 • Please call us at 325-658-6524 FMI.  

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Make a Memorial Donation

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