Patient Stories

  • Rebecca Nash

    Over the last few years, I have been living with chronic pain. It was all I could do to get up out of bed, go to work, and get back in bed.


    When I was 11 yrs old, my body started changing. My gait started to become different, my muscles in the legs, arms, and hands were getting weaker. 


  • Danielle Vargo

    Kelsi Mangrem and the staff at the West Texas Rehab Hearing and Balance Center are truly a blessing to those with auditory difficulties! For a better portion of my life I lived with the idea that my hearing difficulties were normal until the staff here caught the discrepancy. They streamlined


  • Marcus Smith

    I cannot stop bragging about the treatment that I have received while working with Gina (Gina Karr, PT and Director of Adult Therapy in San Angelo) in the Adult Therapy Program because it has not only helped me return to running, but it also has helped me live day-to-day without the constant


  • Janice Billington

    Leddy Priddy (Adult Physical Therapist in San Angelo)  is an excellent neurological therapist.  She treated me as an individual.  My physician had prescribed therapy to relieve my lower back pain.  I became ill in 1992 and was diagnosed with transverse myelitis.  I also have arthritis in my back


  • Tamera’s Story

    I was totally treated as an individual.  My treatment was formulated and changed as my needs were identified.  Karen McSpadden ( Adult Physical Therapist in San Angelo) was the number one reason for my success. ..always positive…always a smile…she made me feel like my needs and my therapy was


  • Gary’s Story

    Dear Mark, ( Donor Relations Director at West Texas Rehab San Angelo)

    I don’t really know where to begin this letter except personally to thank you for recommending I come to West Texas Rehab Center.  The fact you told me the therapists at WTRC would help me and take extremely good care of me


  • Hunter Thomas’ Story

    "Back in April of 2012 we began a difficult journey with our 18 month old son. We had notice things seemed "off" with his development and behavior but we just could not put our finger on it. We ended up with a referral at WTRC and had our initial consultation with Kristy Roach and Michael