The Pediatric Department provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to children from birth to 21 years of age, using a team approach to treat children who require two or more therapies. Among diagnoses treated are cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, autism, torticollis, developmental delays, neuromuscular disorders, speech delays, feeding disorders and prematurity; to name a few.

By therapy type, an overview of services includes:


Pediatric Physical Therapy


Therapists focus on disorders which adversely affect movement, such as balance, strength, coordination, and development. Our therapists work in a variety of settings including hospital neonatal intensive care units, schools, and Rehab’s pediatric gym and hydrotherapy pool. The goal is to help every child reach their maximum level of functional independence and provide support and education to their families.



Pediatric Occupational Therapy


Rehab occupational therapists focus on working with children to develop skills in independently accomplishing activities of daily living such as self-dressing, self-feeding and other self-care activities. They also help with learning age-appropriate social interactions and being as independent as possible.




Pediatric Speech - Language Therapy



WTRC speech-language pathologists treat a wide variety of communication disorders including, but not limited to, stuttering, tongue thrust problems, cleft palate, language development, comprehension, socialization behaviors, as well as working with those experiencing swallowing disorders.


Infant Massage Program


The infant massage program at West Texas Rehabilitation Center focuses on enhancing the bond between parent and baby through the use of massage. The course consists of 5 classes within 5 weeks, focusing on your child's legs, tummy, arms, face and back. The benefits of infant massage include infant/parent bonding, promotes better sleep, boosts immune system, helps digestion, facilitates body awareness and much more. Read the Abilene Flyer or San Angelo Flyer for more information.



The Food Program


The Food Program at West Texas Rehabilitation Center focuses on a transdisciplinary team approach when working with children who may have difficult feeding/eating behaviors. Children can be seen by either an Occupational Therapist or Speech Therapist for the food program. The therapists are certified with the SOS approach to feeding which allows for children to understand the different properties of food.


Why Choose Us?


In addition to having appropriate licensure, many of the Rehab’s pediatric therapists have certifications in specialty areas such as neuro-developmental treatment, sensory integration and praxis testing, neonatal oral motor assessment scale, and VitalStim.


It is equally important that all the Rehab pediatric therapists — regardless of their individual focus of treatment — coordinate their efforts and work with other departments to ensure that patients obtain the care and equipment they need.


Contact us at 325-793-3452 (Abilene), 325-223-6320 (San Angelo), or 325-392-9872 (Ozona).