Occupational Therapy



The goal of West Texas Rehab’s occupational therapists is to enable patients to fully participate in the activities of everyday life despite an illness, injury, cognitive impairment, developmental or learning disability. Developing, improving, or restoring daily living skills such as self dressing, self-feeding, and independently accomplishing personal hygiene; interacting with others; or becoming work ready are among functional outcomes sought for patient through the use of purposeful activity or interventions.




Why Choose Us?

West Texas Rehab Center’s occupational therapists are licensed, dedicated professionals who work one-on-one with patients to improve their quality of life by helping them accomplish daily activities. Our therapists are trained to custom fabricate a variety of splints and orthotic devices for the upper extremities (fingers, hands, arms) to meet the very specific therapeutic needs of the patient. Additionally, they routinely collaborate with patients and their family members to come up with adaptive equipment and/or techniques to allow the patient to accomplish tasks.



Contact us at 325-793-3441 (Abilene), 325-223-6390 (San Angelo), and 325-392-9872 (Ozona).