The Fitness Studio at West Texas Rehabilitation Center in Abilene offers a unique blend of fitness programs to offer our clients a variety of ways to be fit and stay active. The classes that are offered at West Texas Rehab can be modified and adjusted to fit any fitness level you may be.


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Class Descriptions (Abilene Only):


Fit Camp

The fit camp at West Texas Rehab Center integrates the use of a variety of exercise from functional training, muscle and core training, cardio and much more.



Barre is a fun, full body workout set to upbeat music. It combines the best of the Lotte Berk methody, ballet technique and pilates movement to provide energizing, dance based workout that strengthens, stretches and tones the whole body. *The only Barre Studio in Abilene.


Mat Yoga

A mat based class designed to draw awareness to how your body feels and moves. This class will focus on core stabilization to develop better posture and body symmetry.


Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is designed exclusively for older adults. Participants will have fun as they safely improve their balance and learn restorative breathing techniques and functional skills and abililities through a variety of seated and standing poses.



Harness the Technology Pros Use to Efficiently Improve Distance, Accuracy and Lower Scores. Click the photo below for more information.