Cranial Helmets Offer Fresh Start For Kids


Wylie Enox is your typical little boy, all smiles, with the occasional tantrum.


You would never tell that just months ago, 1 year-old Wylie was recovering from an extreme medical condition.

"When he was born he was not able to move his neck muscles fully, so he would always lay on one spot, which created a flat spot", says Kasey Enox, Wylie's mother.


After a few appointments to have his head checked, doctors made a decision that would change Wylie's life.

"It's pretty severe, it met some numbers, so we feel like 'OK that's not going to self-correct, and we needed to go ahead and take action to fit him with a helmet'", Scott Jameson, of West Texas Rehab, explains.


After molding a cranial mask, "We are able to use a digital scanning system to take a model and create a helmet", explains Jameson, and undergoing physical therapy, Wylie wore his helmet for several months.

"He had to wear it 23 hours a day, he could only have it off for baths", says Enox.


"They are sleeping in it and wearing it all the time. Getting the parents to be compliant with it, creates a success story like Wylie's", Jameson tells us.

Though the condition was a bit of a scare, Wylie's mom says she thankful for the local medical treatment and that her little Wylie can now live a normal life  and put his best face forward.


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