New Wheelchair Donated To Double Amputee Burglary Victim


"Happy, excited, grateful... floating on air,"


Those are just a few words that describe how 67-year-old Karan Clark is feeling today. It's much different than the sadness she felt one day ago.


"Knowing that I was, you might say "stuck" here at home.. couldn't really go anywhere or do anything..just, down," Clark explains.


The double amputee had her wheelchair stolen and reached out to us hoping someone might come forward with a lead. Instead, she now has a brand new wheelchair, donated to her by the West Texas Rehab Center.


"That's really what we're all about at the West Texas Rehab Center," Says Dan Huggins, Director of Donor Relations. "Helping out people in need, and this was a special situation, and were happy to help."


Not only will the electric wheelchair help Karan Clark regain her mobility, but it will also allow her to help her husband, Kurt, who is also in a wheelchair.


"In smaller places it will be easier to get around. It will be so much better for us," Said Clark.


With a simple act of kindness, the sadness this woman felt yesterday is now replaced with gratitude.


"I just thank everyone and our heavenly father for doing this for us," Said Clark.