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Ella, pictured here, is an 8-year-old Rehab patient with a simple goal that won’t surprise you. She wants to be like every other kid. She wants to fit in, to be able to walk on her own and not be the one who stands out in a crowd. And who wouldn’t want that for her?


I know you do. As one of our generous supporters, you put a high priority on helping kiddos like Ella. And because you step forward with your financial support, the Rehab provides this kind of comprehensive care for Ella and her family.


But it’s not easy for them. Ella was born premature at 28 weeks, and as it sometimes happens with a child born that early, she had bleeding in the brain that led to cerebral palsy and severely affects her movements and coordination. Her lungs weren’t fully developed either.


Ella’s mother discovered the challenges her baby presented on the day of her birth. Mom couldn’t even hold her baby for the first week. Can you imagine -- wanting desperately to hold and comfort your tiny child, wanting to give her physical proof of the unbreakable bond she has with her mother, but being unable to do so? Ella was in neonatal ICU for the first three months of her life, and her survival was uncertain.
But Ella is a fighter, and so are her parents. Dad is in the Air Force, and Mom discovered how much she needed to know to care for Ella and started taking college classes to become a registered nurse. She’s now a nurse in cardiac critical care, but she was providing critical care for Ella all along.


The family got some additional help when the Air Force moved the family to Abilene a few years ago and Ella met a Rehab therapist at school. The Rehab has 8 therapists who provide physical
and occupational therapy to more than 300 children in 25 schools in Abilene and Snyder. Ella’s therapist told Mom that even more extensive help was available at the Rehab Center. So now they’re coming to the Center every week to benefit from the crucial services you help make possible.


And that life-changing treatment you help provide is making a real difference. As Mom says, “The Rehab and especially Ella’s therapist Megan have just been awesome. In just a year, she is already doing things that we once only hoped she could do.” Ella’s getting closer to her goal of being just another kid. She can often use her walker at school all day rather than her wheelchair. If she holds onto the furniture, she can walk around the living room at home.


And you know how important her progress is -- and how it becomes more important as Ella grows. Mom and Dad have to lift Ella to get her into the car, into bed, into the bathtub -- anywhere Ella can’t get herself.


You help in another way -- by standing by the family when Dad is deployed overseas. Last year when Dad was gone serving his country, Mom and Ella came to count
on the Rehab even more, not just for therapy but for the encouragement and guidance they receive here. In fact, the Rehab is so important to the family that they’re planning to remain in Abilene when Dad gets out of the Air Force.


That’s the difference you make for our patients and their families. I hope you’ll continue helping by sending your tax-deductible gift today. Your gift today will take Ella farther down the road in reaching her goal -- to be like every other kid, to walk normally, to fit in.


So please let me hear from you. Your continued support assures that the Rehab is always here to help in Abilene, San Angelo and Ozona. You’ll be making it possible for Ella and 500 other patients a day to benefit from our life-changing treatment. Will you send your gift today? On their behalf...thank you!


P.S. Mom wants to tell you something too. “I really want to thank you and everyone who supports the Rehab Center. You put a smile on Ella’s face. I saw it right here when she took those first steps that made her think about being more independent. That meant so much to her and to us as well. Thank you so much for all you do for us -- and all the Rehab patients!”


Ella and her parents count on the Rehab Center, and I hope I can count on your continued support.


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