Financial Assistance

At West Texas Rehabilitation Center, we refer to financial assistance as “donor sponsorship”. This program began in April of 1998 and the purpose of this program is to ensure the mission of WTRC is met. Our mission states that every patient, who has a medical need for services, will be treated, even if financial hardships prevent the patient from being able to pay for the services on their own. This program is made possible through the generosity of thousands of donors to WTRC every year. To be responsible stewards of these donated funds, the staff at WTRC must make every effort to determine those truly eligible for this financial assistance program.


How Do I Qualify for Therapy Services

To qualify for DSP, WTRC uses federally established guidelines to determine your need for financial assistance. To do this, WTRC must obtain information from you regarding your annual income. To provide this information you will need to bring WTRC a copy of:

  1. The most recent employment check stubs (for all members of the household)

  2. A copy of your most recent federal tax return

  3. The total number of people living in your household

  4. Itemized un-reimbursed medical expenses, as these can also be used to
    determine your eligibility for DSP

  5. Physician’s Order with a diagnosis

Download the WTRC DSP Information Form.



How do I Qualify for a Higher Level of Financial Assistance

A different level of review is required if a higher degree of financial assistance is requested by you. Examples: equipment/supplies.

WTRC must obtain all the information listed above and:

  1. Explanations why the equipment is needed, which may be by you, the physician, or both

  2. You might want to provide additional information you believe will influence WTRC’s
    approval of a higher level of financial assistance

  3. Physician Order and diagnosis.

You should hear from WTRC regarding the status of your DSP application within two
weeks of the date your signed application was received by WTRC.



When Will I know if I am Approved for DSP Therapy Services?

A decision of financial assistance from DSP for therapy services (Examples: PT, OT, Speech) may occur when your application is signed and all the requested information listed above if given to WTRC.


PLEASE NOTE: An approval for therapy services is not approval for all levels of DSP at the same financial degree. (Example: full financial assistance for therapy services is not approval for the same degree of financial assistance for equipment/supplies.)



Who can I Contact About the Status of my DSP Application?

Once your information has been processed by admissions, the Social Worker will know
the status of your application. The Social Worker’s direct number is (325) 793-3454.




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